Sponsorship Sarah

Sponsorship Sarah

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Sarah, 22 years

Sarah joined Pure & Faultless in 2015 and was originally born in western Uganda. She was raised up by a single mother. Sarah completed some schooling and then moved to an aunt’s home and eventually a slum.

Sarah is assertive hard working woman with a high self-esteem. She has completed a sewing program and is designing and selling her fashions. Sarah is supported financially by Pure & Faultless.

You can help sponsor Sarah for $35 a month.

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Pure & Faultless

We support children in Rwanda who have survived sexual assault and who are now raising children of their own. Our work is inspired by the incredible strength and spirit of our first sister: Agnes. Despite being orphaned at a young age, Agnes overcome unimaginable adversity through her remarkable courage and faith.

Agnes has become a successful businesswoman and mentor to other survivors, while she raises her wonderful son. She has found sisterhood, sharing her enduring love with others.

Pure & Faultless exists to help young girls like Agnes who have suffered at the hands of perpetrators of violence and provide them with the support they need to heal and thrive.

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